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    Research says women receive up to £20k less per men when working the same hours

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    A new study has analysed the UK’s working hours to find out which industries and cities put in the most hours per week. Using ONS ASHE data, UK payments specialist Merchant Machine also looked into pay to highlight whether the hours we put in is reflected in our pay. You can view the graphic here. […]

    6 signs you’re ready for a pay rise

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    Everyone wants to get paid more for their job, but whether or not you deserve to get paid more is what you really need to think about. Every manager out there will have heard “I need a raise”, so you can’t blame them for being sceptical. So before you even book that meeting with your manager, […]

    Women twice as likely as men to worry about meeting living costs

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    Close Brothers research says that women are twice as likely to worry about meeting their day-to-day living costs than their male counterparts. The figure among female employees is 16%, compared to just 7% among men. In Close Brothers’ newly developed Financial Wellbeing Index, in which employees score their wellbeing in each of the seven areas of […]

    Almost one year on and the gender pay gap is wider than ever

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    Depressingly, the gender pay gap is wider than ever, according to latest Financial Times research. Almost a year on since the implementation of businesses having to report their gender pay gap and four out of ten companies stating that the gap has increased. Why, when so much focus on businesses to improve gender equality has […]

    Forget the pay rise, we’ll take the better work-life balance, say Brits

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    A large proportion of British workers would take a new job if it meant they’d enjoy a better life. A new report claims that professionals in London (73 per cent), Northern Ireland (64 per cent), the North & Scotland (63m per cent), and the Midlands & Wales (59 per cent) would all strongly consider relocating […]

    Salary expectations hit a new high in private sector

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    Almost half (49%) of employers considering a pay review over the course of the year are anticipating an increase to basic pay, according to new data from CIPD and Adecco’s Labour Market Outlook. However, 43% say it is unknown at this stage which way it will go. The findings of the Winter 2018-19 report [PDF] also […]

    How does the budget affect you, the PA?

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    On Monday afternoon we saw the delivery of the most recent budget report from Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer. He announced that we are coming to the end of the era of austerity, and that we should see the country in a much more prosperous light. After his 72-minute speech, we have sorted through […]

    Hands up – Who has ever lied about their salary…?

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    If you’ve lied about your salary at dinner parties, you’re not alone – with one in ten Brits having apparently exaggerated about what they earn at dinner parties. Job titles, too, are often embellished, while lies about owning a second property, the value of their houses, qualifications, speaking another language and the places they’ve travelled […]

    Women earn £400,000 less than men in their lifetime

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    The gender pay gap is alive and well for most of us, according to new research The average worker is expected to earn just over a million pounds during their career, with that figure expected to drop drastically for women compared to men according to new studies by Casumo. Across the country, the average worker […]

    Pay gap ‘virtually extinct’ for self-employed and freelance workers

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    New research has revealed that the gender pay gap is ‘virtually extinct’ among freelancers and self-employed workers in the UK. The news comes as many men and women across the country have set their Out Of Office as part of Equal Pay Day, which marks the day the average woman is no longer being paid […]