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    Would you put a price on your relationship?

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    Millions of Brits have revealed they would trade in their relationship and even ditch their spouse for as little £50,000, but how far would you go for a pay rise?

    In recent months, pay growth across the country has been seen to have eroded despite more people in work, and it seems plenty of Brits are desperate for some extra money at the end of the month. A study by Lottoland has revealed some of the people and things in workers’ lives that would be on the chopping block for a big enough windfall.

    Plenty of Brits have admitted that pay isn’t of much significance if they found the right job, yet Lottoland believes it has found the exact amount of money it would take for most to turn to the dark side. According to the lottery site, most people would give in to most temptations for £31.5 million, but one in 50 would sever their relationship with their husband or wife for less that £50,000.

    Others surveyed admitted they would use the money to improve themselves, and one in three would even invest money to for their significant other to undergo plastic surgery or a wardrobe change to make them more attractive, while one in eight would take their better earnings back to an ex-partner.

    Men with extra cash were more likely to return to an old flame, but women had higher prospects; with flush females found to be more likely to trade in their partner for a superior option and elope together. Whatever the gender, most Brits were revealed to consider trading it all in, from their job to their friends to their lovelife, for the attractive offer of £1 million.

    How much money would it take for you to trade it all in? Would you leave your partner for an extra £50k? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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