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    Male employees not accessing mental health support: Latest figures show twice as many women than men asking for help

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    Women in the workplace are twice as likely as their male colleagues to ask for help with emotional wellbeing, according to the very latest figures provided by Towergate Health & Protection. While data shows that women are generally more likely to suffer from mental health conditions and are more likely to have suicidal thoughts, men […]

    Does your work computer give you the rage? You’re not alone…

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    Most remote workers are so fed up with their faulty work laptops that they would rather throw them out the window. A survey of 2,000 employed Americans found more than half (58%) describe their work devices as awful to work on — and two in three want to toss their devices out of frustration because […]

    British workers ‘likely to underestimate’ their employer’s gender pay gap

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    Despite most British workers (96%) agreeing that the UK has a gender pay gap, as many as 57% don’t believe there are any gender pay disparities in their own workplaces, new research finds. HR software provider CIPHR polled 1,000 UK employees, the majority of which work at medium- or large-sized companies, to find out more […]

    UK workers ‘feel 81% safe in their workplace’

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    With many office workers adapted to working from home for over a year, returning to the office is like stepping back into unfamiliar territory and is bound to make you feel uneasy if safety isn’t taken seriously. The Compensation Experts have revealed the attitudes towards safety in the workplace now that more workers are returning […]

    Report highlights disparities in employee financial wellbeing

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    A report from financial wellbeing platform Nudge Global exposes the urgent need for UK employers to better support their employees in building financial acumen to improve employee mental wellbeing, drive financial inclusion, and support social mobility. The research finds that only 9% of UK employees learnt how to manage their money whilst at school, so […]

    Money worries ‘impacting employee productivity’

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    Covid has had an unprecedented effect on the UK economy and the country’s struggles have been much reported, but individual security has seen less publicity. However, personal debt is rising, and many households are facing financial difficulty, especially those with unsecured debt1. In addition to the personal turmoil, employees struggling with money will not have […]

    92% of UK GPs report uptick in patients seeking help for work-related stress

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    92% of UK GPs have reported an increase in people seeking medical advice for work related stress and anxiety since the pandemic began. What’s more, the research from Perkbox has found that 68% of GPs surveyed agree they have seen a hike in patients seeking support for this over the past three months compared to […]

    Are your daily rituals among the UK’s top 30?

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    Brits have revealed the habits and rituals they swear by to get them through the day, including yoga, calling loved ones at a set time – and taking time to make a regular cuppa. A study of 2,000 adults found 42 per cent have an average of four things they do every day to keep […]

    Top 20 most annoying things about being back in the office

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    As millions have returned to their workplaces, a new nationwide poll has revealed the things which are already driving us crazy about being back. And top of the list was the deeply unfair act of someone else taking credit for your idea (37 percent), with the heinous act of nicking a colleague’s lunch from the […]

    UK employers ‘more worried about motivation than resignation’

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    According to a recent study, more UK employers are worried about staff motivation than retention. Research from Omnipresent in partnership with Remote Social shows that four in 10 employers (40%) feel that COVID-19 has positively or extremely positively impacted employee retention. In contrast, less than a quarter (24%) feel that it has negatively or extremely negatively […]