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      App of the Week: SaveMyTime

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      Do you ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, and find yourself lying in bed wondering where all the time goes? Well if you really want to know, and want to make a change, let me introduce you to SaveMyTime. It’s safe to say this app aims to do what it says […]

      App of the Week: Off the Grid

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      Have you ever grown tired of the constant buzzing, dinging and ringing your devices make but you still can’t help but answer the call? Our featured app this week is helping users go Off the Grid. Social media dependence is becoming a growing concern in this always-on digital age, where even your fridge can be […]

      Social media is changing our attitudes at work

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      Social media is affecting the way we present ourselves in the office, according to findings from London Offices. The research revealed that many office workers are getting more tongue-in-cheek with their out of office auto-responses, in ways replicating how they present themselves on more casual social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The report showed […]

      How Facebook has changed the way we work

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      Stuart Logan, Chief HR Officer at SoftServe explains how his company has utilised Workplace by Facebook to help its global employees stay in touch In October 2016, Facebook announced the launch of its corporate social network, Workplace. People work in different ways, and Workplace’s mission is to help them stay connected. For SoftServe, a global […]

      Brits time holiday social media posts to make colleagues jealous

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      The traditional paper postcard is going out of fashion thanks to the internet, with Brits preferring social media to share their holiday memories. New research shows this propensity for social media has a dark side, with employees timing their posts to make colleagues back home jealous. Seven in 10 people surveyed by on behalf […]

      The importance of developing social relationships

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      Just using social media is no longer enough if you aren’t developing a relationship with your followers, according to social media management company Hootsuite. While sites and apps like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck allow users to access various social media data and streams all from one screen, learning how to use your management systems to your […]

      Worst LinkedIn mistakes revealed

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      LinkedIn is becoming a major factor in the recruiting process. Searching an applicant’s name online will usually lead to finding their LinkedIn profile topping of the page, so making sure your profile is up to scratch is vital. Examining the worst LinkedIn profiles found by recruiters, the Fast Company has listed how to avoid the […]

      Interviewers throw ‘curveball’ questions to throw off candidates

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      Is it okay to snitch on a co-worker? What tree do you resemble most? If you could have dinner with anyone in the world who would it be, and why? These are the curveball questions employers are using to throw off candidates, according to new research. A new study by GoDaddy polled 1,000 recent graduates […]

      4 things you should remove from your LinkedIn profile

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      If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile but you’re thinking of looking for a new job, you need to create one immediately. If you do have one but haven’t updated it recently, it’s time to freshen it up a bit. Here are four things you should consider deleting from your LinkedIn profile if you’re hunting […]

      How PAs can use social media to promote their events

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      When it comes to event management, social media is drastically underused and often incorrectly managed. However, with PAs increasingly expected to do more with less, the power of social can help you to promote your events, enhance experiences and generate conversations. Here are some tips on how to integrate social media into your events from […]