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    91% of Brits at risk of burnout due to gadget obsession

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    The obsession with technology that keeps us constantly connected is putting the British working population at risk of burnout, with a staggering 91% failing to establish a healthy work-life balance because they refuse to turn off their devices. A survey by ElectricTobacconist.co.uk as part of the UK Gadget Usage Report 2017 reveals that as many […]

    People who walk to work are less stressed

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    The daily commute can leave employees tired before they even get to the office, but new research shows those who walk to work feel more energised and less stressed. A study conducted by ASICS shows those who take the train, tube, or bus are three times more stressed and twice as tired as those who […]

    Clock is ticking on workers who are ‘too busy to have fun’

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    Brits are facing ‘time poverty’ as half of workers admit there aren’t enough hours in the day, according to a new study. Findings by Kelly’s of Cornwall reveal that too many are eating their dinner as late as 10pm and bringing work home with them without a chance to adequately switch off and relax in […]

    Commuters reveal what they hate most

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    Millions of Brits travel to work for two hours or more every single weekday, making even the smallest irritations grow over time. The research was run by OSV, who wanted to discover what left a lasting impact on workers once they reach the office. What starts as a minor annoyance can lead to commuters changing […]

    HR workers skipping lunch to get work finished

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    More than half of HR professionals have admitted to not leaving their desk during lunch, according to new figures. The results to the Robert Walters Career Lifestyle Survey have shown that British professionals are more likely to power through rather than take a break, despite reports that taking a break can boost productivity. Specialists are […]

    Urgent action needed to improve mental health of UK workers, says expert

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    During Mental Health Awareness Week, Christopher Harvey, founder of executive wellbeing coaching company Harvey Sinclair has called for businesses to take urgent action to look after the mental health of their employees and for workplace wellbeing to be supported as much as diversity and inclusion have been by policies and government regulations. Harvey says: “The […]

    Nearly a third of UK workers admit to working overtime at the weekends

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    British workers are at risk of burning out, as reports show many across the UK are working overtime at weekends and even taking their work on holiday with them. The study by workspace provider Regus revealed that 30% of British employees work through their free time, with concerns being raised that not enough is being […]

    Sick workers urged to stay home as UK productivity is threatened

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    More than half of British workers are coming to work unwell, increasing workplace sickness and compromising productivity, new figures show. New research by office solutions brand Fellowes report a rise in ‘presenteeism’ across the UK, as workers suffering from illnesses, aches, pains and other health problems come to the office instead of addressing and treating […]

    Flexible working options on the rise

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    Flexible working options are now a key differentiator for new job candidates, say 70% of organisations. Workforce time management solutions provider hfx has published survey findings confirming that flexible working continues to increase across all sizes and types of organisation, both public and private. The survey showed that part-time hours are still the most popular […]

    5 ways to stay happy at work

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    Does work feel stale lately but you still love what you do? Perhaps you’re ready to move on but want to make the most of your job until you find a new one. Either way, it’s important to take steps to be happy at work. Glassdoor recently outlined five ways to keep a positive attitude, […]