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      What do we want? More downtime at work!

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      The nation’s employees believe work now takes up 42 per cent of their life, according to research. Researchers carried out a detailed study of 2,000 adults in employment and found we all want more downtime. Half of those polled agreed waking up in the morning and dreading the day ahead at work is a sure-sign […]

      Brits are feeling work pressure more than ever

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      The nation’s work-life balance has been called into question as Brits are becoming more and more stressed out by their hectic lifestyles. The study, commissioned by Casumo, studied the increasingly busy lives of the British workforce as many are concerned we don’t Around two thirds of workers believe their lives have become busier in recent years, […]

      Brits struggle to leave work in the office

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      How often do you bring your work home with you? Either physically or emotionally, workers across the country struggle to leave their work at the door, but what can you do to improve your work-life balance? How you spend your time is a key factor in obtaining that perfect balance. Prioritise your time throughout the […]

      Brits are choosing coffee over tea

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      Coffee lovers are drinking more than a thousand cups every year, according to new research by syrup producers Monin that revealed 61% of British workers now prefer drinking coffee to tea. 2.3 billion coffees are being consumed across the UK in cafés and coffee shops alone, with Brits continuing to drink in the office and […]

      How to achieve the perfect work-life balance

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      Productivity is essential in achieving a good work life balance. As part of National Work Life week serial tech entrepreneur and Flock founder Bhavin Turakhia has helpfully provided some tips on how to gain that precious time that would otherwise be wasted. Automate, Automate, Automate Any task which you have to do multiple times is […]

      13 steps to a great work-life balance

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      Do you worry about getting your work-life balance right? If so, you’re not alone – with 25 per cent of workers unhappy about it, 13 per cent working more than 49 hours a week and more than 40 per cent of employees neglecting other aspects of their life. To try to help workers address the […]

      Britain marked ‘sick man of Europe’ as Brits are working too hard

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      British life expectancy is trailing behind the rest of Europe, with the gap only expected to get wider according to expert statements. Writing in The Times, public health specialist Sir Michael Marmot is warning that action needs to be taken to ensure the health of Brits as he declared the UK the ‘sick man and […]

      Time to beat stress

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      Here, holistic self-care and wellbeing coach Tara Jackson (herself an ex-PA) outlines her top tips for taking some much-needed ‘me time’ to prioritise your wellness Do you find your weeks merging into one another as your time is spent being at work, commuting, fitting in family and friends and all their needs and wants, having […]

      Unleash your inner Wonder Woman

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      Mindfulness Expert Dana Zelicha presents five steps to unleashing your inner Wonder Woman and finding the right work-life balance using mindfulness Are you a working woman who feels pressure to find balance? Is fear or uncertainty stopping you from making leaps or moving forward? Society and instinct have made women primary care-takers, however we cannot […]

      91% of Brits at risk of burnout due to gadget obsession

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      The obsession with technology that keeps us constantly connected is putting the British working population at risk of burnout, with a staggering 91% failing to establish a healthy work-life balance because they refuse to turn off their devices. A survey by ElectricTobacconist.co.uk as part of the UK Gadget Usage Report 2017 reveals that as many […]