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Over half of staff admit their home set-up falls short of standard workplace amenities

New research has highlighted the value of functional design and the impact well-designed workspaces have on employee wellbeing, engagement, and productivity.

More than half (54%) of office workers say that, despite the rise in home working over the last two years, their current work-from-home set up still falls short of office amenities compared to their office, with lack of space (70%), lack of funds to buy office furniture (46%) and sharing space with children (26%) preventing employees from having a well-designed work environment at home.

A further 76% say that they have found it harder to maintain consistent healthy habits while working from home, such as taking breaks, staying hydrated, healthy eating, and regular exercise.

The research was conducted by global water filtration and dispenser brand, BRITA VIVREAU, and is available in a new report – CLICK HERE to download.

Commenting on the research results, Andy Johnston, Key Accounts Manager at BRITA VIVREAU said: “At a time when getting people back to the office and retaining and attracting talent remains a crucial focus, our working environments are more important than ever for business success. We want to support businesses in ensuring their employees feel safe and comfortable returning to the office. Research has shown there is a clear relationship between workspace design and employee happiness and by creating a positive work environment, organisations can boost productivity and support their staff.”

BRITA VIVREAU has teamed up with experts at Oktra, the UK’s award-winning office design company, to offer businesses expert guidance on how to make the return to the office and attractive option for employees.

In addition to this new research, the report includes top tips and advice on maximising office design to create comfortable, sustainable, and productive workplaces which not only promote employee wellbeing, but also help businesses to attract and retain top talent.

According to Total Jobs, 38% of employers increased recruitment in Q4 of 2021, with a fifth (21%) expecting to add to their workforce between January and March 2022. November 2021 to January 2022 saw the number of active job vacancies in the UK reach a record high of 1,288,400.

With 93% of office workers admitting they would be more likely to accept a job which offered a well-designed workspace, it’s more important than ever before for employers to create fluid, customisable spaces that support both employee wellbeing and business success.