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    Don’t get sued! Is your business set up for a post-Covid world?

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    With lockdown restrictions set to ease from  19 July, it’s important that businesses make sure they’re set up for a post-Covid world and aren’t putting themselves at risk of being taken to court. Here Tom Moyes, a Partner in the Employment team at Blacks Solicitors, discusses everything that business owners should be aware of now […]

    More than Half of Employees say Lack of Flexibility is a Deal-Breaker

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    More than half of the global workforce say they are prepared to leave a job that’s lacking in flexibility and remote working options. The latest research collated by Instant Offices, a Global Workspace Specialists, shows 9 out of 10 office workers say they want more flexibility in where and when they do their job – and more than half of […]

    Over 60% of people want to ditch the tech after work

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    Even tech lovers know to turn away from their devices after a while. A new survey of 2,000 individuals found that 56% of those who spend their entire day glued to a screen try to limit using their devices as much as possible at night. On average, people unplug after five and a half hours of […]

    What does your phone home screen reveal about your personality…?

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    It’s been revealed that how you organise your smartphone can say a lot about your personality, with the average phone having over 80 apps. But what does the way you organise your home screen say about you? Experts at online smartphone retailer, Mobiles.co.uk, alongside Business Psychologist, Sonya Dineva, reveal what your home screen says about your personality… All your apps are in folders If you organise your apps into […]

    How to tell from a simple text if someone is struggling mentally

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    More than a year of various lockdowns and isolation has taken its toll on the nation, with figures from The Mental Health Foundation showing that feelings of loneliness rose to 26% in February this year. Over the past year the only source of connection with others for so many has been a phone call or text, but often this […]

    Is it the end of the Assistant…? Far from it!

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    By Roddy Adair, Director at Hays Personal & Executive Assistants… The question ‘is this the end of the PA?’ has become all too familiar over the past few years as organisations have prioritised digital transformation, questioning whether the role of the EA/PA still has a part to play in the modern working world. The focus […]

    What dishonesty does to the brain and why it’s bad for business

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    By Dr Lynda Shaw (pictured), neuroscientist, business psychologist and change specialist Dishonesty in the workplace varies from lying, misuse of company time or expenses, stealing, fraud, claiming sick pay when not sick, taking leave without permission or giving untruthful information when applying for a job to name but a few.  Dishonesty tarnishes relationships, compromises finances, […]

    30% of young UK workers want travel vaccinations included in their benefits packages

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    Data from a recent study reveals that the UK’s company benefit schemes are ignoring younger employees, despite a huge majority placing great value on benefits. Just 16% of UK employees under 25 (Gen Z) feel that their current benefits package is suitable for them. This figure increases to 24% for those aged 25-34. The study was […]

    The perfect playlist for productivity, sleep and more

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    Different occasions call for different tunes – what you jam to during the day might not be your go-to when trying to drift off to sleep at night. So Currys PC World has created the ideal playlist and formula for the perfect song for your everyday activities. Songs were picked by identifying the most-featured tracks across Spotify playlists for exercise, sleep, housework, studying, partying and romantic occasions. The most-featured artists were also unearthed based on who appeared the most across the categories. A combination of […]

    67% of UK employees will keep wearing masks at work, CIPHR research shows

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    A new survey of over 1,000 UK workers, carried out by HR software provider CIPHR, has revealed some key insights on employee attitudes to returning to their ‘usual’ workplace and how employers have (or in some cases have not) helped prepare their staff for the transition back. Before the coronavirus pandemic, when everything changed, that ‘usual workplace’ for […]