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3 interview questions you want to ask but shouldn’t

Interviewers ask curveball questions to throw off candidates

Asking questions at an interview is essential; after all, you want to find out just as much about the company as they want to know about you. However, there are some questions you simply shouldn’t ask, according to The Muse. Here are three to avoid, along with alternative queries that make you sound like the ideal candidate.

1. “Does the team spend time together outside of the office?”
Most people enjoy spending time with their colleagues in a more relaxed atmosphere, but asking if the team goes out after work makes it sound like all you care about is hitting the pub at 5pm. Instead, ask about the company culture and what the team dynamic is like. This phrasing shows you care about what happens both in and out of the office.

2. “Am I hired?”
Never mind the fact that an employer needs time to consider each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, digging for compliments makes you sound desperate and a little pushy. Try instead to focus on finding out what kind of skills and attributes the recruiter’s ideal candidate would have so you can prove you’re the best person for the job.

3. “Will you consider me for another position?”
If the employer decides you’re not a great fit for this role, don’t be tempted to say “keep me in mind for other opportunities”. Again, it comes across as desperate and makes it difficult for the interviewer to imagine seeing you again. Instead, reinforce your interest in the organization and thank them for the chance to interview. Thoughtful gratitude will put you at the forefront of their mind if another role comes along.

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