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4 unique locations for your office party

unique locations

Celebrating the achievements of staff should be a priority for every employer, as by not doing it, it can spell disaster if employees consistently feel underappreciated.

From little signs of appreciation, including novelty gifts and thank-you emails, to events designed with the sole aim of demonstrating gratitude, there are a limitless number of ways in which employers can recognise the achievements of their employees. As it has been found that 69% of office workers on average feel they would work harder if their efforts were better appreciated, this is a step which should undoubtedly be taken.

To ensure the success of these measures, it is crucial for all plans made to be both unique and exciting; predictable efforts might be recognised by employees, but these are significantly less likely to resonate. An ideal method of demonstrating appreciation is by hosting an office party; a fun and light-hearted event which will create unforgettable memories for your employees, whilst simultaneously promoting strong office relationships.

This choice can come in an almost limitless array of potential shapes and sizes, however, no matter the number of attendees nor the time of year, your office party should always boast a unique venue. This helps to highlight a company’s creativity, familiarity with current trends and humble values. Although, finding a diamond in the rough can often feel a little overwhelming, particularly when faced with an influx of similar, somewhat dull conference centres capable of giving any professional de-ja-vu.

To help your readers, event expert Kelly Hunter from Rivenhall Oaks outlines ‘4 unique locations for your office party’, in the hope that this will provide your employees with another essential opportunity for celebration.

1. Ping-pong bars
One of the key reasons employers plan office parties is to encourage positive communication and engagement among their employees. As a result, choosing an outgoing activity to form the basis of your next event could prove to be an incredibly beneficial option. For example, ping-pong bars are popping up across the country; allowing their guests to laugh over light-hearted matches, proud winnings and humorous losses, whilst indulging in stone-baked pizzas and cocktails… it’s no surprise these venues are becoming such a hit.

Rent the venue for a more private affair or take your staff along whilst it’s open to the public for a relaxed, bubbly night accompanied by fun games and delicious drinks.

2. Gallery show-cases
Feeling supported and challenged by our employers has been found to help boost staff motivation, commitment and overall performance. However, this is not limited to within the walls of our office; if our employers encourage both our professional and personal growth, it’s likely we will feel a closer connection with the company and its ethos.

From practical skills such as time management to developing our understanding of more unique topics, like art, companies can easily broaden their staff’s horizons. Channel this goal with your next office party; take your staff to a gallery showcase, where they can marvel at inspiring, thought-provoking pieces whilst chatting in a relaxed atmosphere, drink in hand.

3. Long luncheon spots
Often, classic event ideas aren’t bad ones, they simply need a little-added lustre. Planning a long luncheon for your employees does have merit if this brings high-quality food, seamless service and a pretty location, all exceeding the expectations of an in-office meeting room.

Unique venues such as the Essex-based Oaks Pavilion offer scenic options; surrounded by traditional English countryside and decorated with calming tones, allowing you to blissfully enjoy a three-course meal away from the stress of everyday office antics, this will help your staff to rediscover the importance of the simple things.

4. Handbag nights.
If you want your office party to be memorable, you need to do something completely different. Think outside the box and opt for something that will grab your employees’ attention, like a handbag night. These events bring exquisite performances from top drag queens, who will certainly provide boatloads of entertainment, along with food and drinks to keep everyone happy.

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