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    4 ways to boost your event experience

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    By Warwick Conferences

    The events industry has changed following the recent pandemic and organisers must decide between virtual and physical events. Here are four ways for those planning events to ensure delegates receive a memorable experience…

    First impressions count

    External venues are able to provide a warm welcome that is much harder to replicate online. This is crafted by the venue team through careful planning to ensure sufficient branding and a welcoming atmosphere is created to allow a smooth sign-in for delegates.

    Engaging delegates

    Selecting a venue with exciting spaces helps to inspire creativity and capture the delegate’s attention. Well known for its quirky spaces, Warwick Conferences offers outdoor meeting spaces that transport delegates away from distractions.

    Encouraging creativity

    Bringing professionals together to network creates an experience in itself. This can be further encouraged with creative breakout rooms. For example, Warwick Conferences offers The kitchens which are familiar yet new surroundings that encourage conversation and ideas.

    Boosting energy levels

    Keeping everyone’s brain active through both fun activities and carefully planned catering ensures delegates feel replenished and satisfied. Look out for venues like Warwick Conferences that have table tennis or a sports and wellness hub.

    Final thoughts

    Achieving the ideal balance between productivity and play creates an experience that encourages delegates to think and feel differently. Organisers don’t necessarily have to spend more; it is a matter of researching venues that understand this balance and will work with you to plan the perfect event.

    The events that inspire creativity, boost engagement and allow delegates to blow off a bit of steam will be fondly remembered. These cannot be replicated online or through a webinar.

    Get in contact with the Warwick Conferences team to find out more about creating a unique experience for your delegates.

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