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Be happy, be connected and be in your element


Lucy Eden, Founder of Be In Your Element, talked to us about the importance of connection to others, and to ourselves, and how that is one of the biggest challenges to our wellbeing in today’s way of living and working…


Lucy Eden, the founder of Be In Your Element

Let me ask you a question. How connected are you with everything you do?

How connected would you say you are right now reading this article? Are you reading it on the move? Or sat yourself down with a cuppa and dedicated the time to really read and digest everything you are reading?

How connected would you say you are to yourself?

To your team at work?

To your family at home?

Connection for wellbeing

This year’s Stress Awareness Month and Mental Health Week both had a common theme between them – connection.

Stress Awareness Month spoke of the importance of community. How coming together was fundamental to human happiness, and how this is important now, more than ever.

Mental Health Awareness Week raised awareness of the impact of loneliness on our mental health and the practical steps we can take to address it. The main point of action was to connect.

Globally everyone is adapting to the new situations we find ourselves in after a global pandemic. Going back to the workplace for some was a relief, for others an anxious time and for many, commuting to work never stopped. Whatever the circumstances, and whatever the new solutions are, it has to be an arrangement that still allows colleagues to connect. Businesses and people thrive when connected to others and they thrive when they are connected with themselves. Making time to be together as a team is integral to a strong community spirit at work, and making time for yourself to be fully present is integral to bringing your best self to the workplace.

As humans we are social creatures that thrive on having purpose. When you are deeply connected to what you do it gives you a sense of accomplishment, empowerment and that lovely buzz. Our goal is to help people get that buzz and get connected. We believe whatever you do, you should be in your element. We have some great examples of how you can do that……

Have you ever tried mindful crafting? Really getting yourself immersed into the experience and your creativity, and fully connecting into the moments to create amazing things.

Have you ever tried African Drumming? Drumming has been used for thousands of years to bring people together and feel united. Get connected and raise those vibrations all at the same time.

Have you ever tried a Happy Hour? Dedicating just an hour to yourself or as a team doing something that releases the happy hormones. Maybe puppy yoga, hula hooping, dancing or mocktail making. What would make you happy in that hour, and bring a whole new meaning to the words ‘Happy Hour’?

Give something a go, what have you got to lose?

 “Connection is why we’re here; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.”

Brene Brown

Please visit Be In Your Element for more wellness advice, information and events.


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