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Four top technologies that are used in modern education

By Pauline Jensen, Outreach Specialist, Essay Expert

Technology has grown so much during the past 15 years.

Nowadays, students and businesses would find it difficult to survive without computers or cell phones. They are part of everyone’s lives and there is no surprise that the modern education process involves different programs and applications to help students.

Here are some top technologies used in modern education…

Online courses

First of all, it is of course programs that help to organise remote studying and online lessons. This helps not only to see each other while the lesson is on, but also allows teachers to share materials with all the students, send them necessary files and pictures, and to share the screen in order to show some presentations that should be helpful for memorising and understanding materials.

Different chats allow students not only to communicate with each other, but also have 24/7 access to a messenger where your professor can answer your question, explain the task and help you in general.


Another important change that happened during the past two decades, is that traditional paper books are being replaced by e-books. This usually means that students can easily download a book or any other material to a device, use it in the class and at home, and don’t have to carry around all the heavy paper books. However, there are still some who struggle with this and not all materials can be used in online versions as well.

Technologies can help students save a lot of time. The amount of information that is presented for studying and the number of tasks that should be completed is much higher than it used to be. That is why a lot of students struggle and can be confused with the tempo that should be followed. In such cases they prefer to use popular tools.

Getting help online from the writing assistant ( can be very supportive. Different drafts can be received and the materials on offer help students finish their assignments faster – this ensures they don’t have to worry about not having enough time.

Tests and quizzes

One more technology that has become popular in modern education is online quizzes and tests. On one hand these help to check the knowledge of the student quickly and without any human factor involved. It allows teachers to see which topics were digested better than others and which students did not pay attention at all.This also helps save time because they don’t need to check tons of papers and the results are generated automatically.

On the other hand, it sometimes cannot show the full result and some answers can be simply guessed by students. The best result is always a combination of both ways, when tests are held as well as some writing tasks.


And the last new update that should be mentioned is the existence of different apps and programs that help improve writing skills. Such applications often help students to find good words for their writing assignments, fix grammar mistakes and even rephrase some content. These tools can make studying much easier, however usually they are not free of charge so some investments should be made.

To sum up we can say that of course there are advantages and disadvantages in new technologies appearing in our lives and educational process. However, it is always better to stay up-to-date and denying the fact that life without new programs and apps could be very dangerous. It is always better to adjust and be on the same page with the rules of the modern world.

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