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How Businesses Can Connect People Online With Socially Distant Work Socials

COVID-19 has presented many challenges across all sectors but many have been able to swiftly adapt and make the necessary changes to ensure business success during this time. Increasing numbers of people are now working from home and may have found both bliss and anguish in doing so.

Large numbers of the public are enjoying the new work-life balance, but are feeling lonely without the social interaction with their colleagues. That’s why Cezanne HR has created a full guide on how to enjoy social activities during the pandemic – you can view the full guide here. Each one of these activities can be enjoyed safely from the staff’s own homes.

Taking part in social activities with colleagues is a vital part of a positive work environment and, with Government regulations restricting these events, this can lead to staff morale lowered and employee satisfaction levels dropping.

This new guide presents ideas and instructions to cater to all employees’ tastes, from the classic pub quiz or the more challenging online escape rooms, a tranquil team dinner to a round of beer pong.

Sue Lingard, Managing Director of Cezanne HR, provided an insight into the values of still ensuring work socials commence even during the pandemic: “For a huge percentage of the population, working from home has become the new norm. While many appreciate the flexibility and freedom that comes from skipping the daily commute, never having to dress up, and the option to raid the fridge whenever they want, many others are struggling.

“In fact, figures released by the ONS in August reporting a significant increase in the number of working adults experiencing depression since lockdown began.

“This reflects research Cezanne HR ran earlier this year where 56% of respondents said that working from home had had a negative impact on their mental health, with more than half citing socialising with their colleagues as the thing they missed the most closely followed by office banter.”

Cezanne HR believes that HR teams and business owners should always hold themselves accountable and responsible for looking after their employees’ mental health. While most businesses have some form of procedure in place to help those who are suffering, many could not have accounted for rising numbers of staff who have experienced diminishing mental health.

While the addition and continuation of work social events may seem trivial during a worldwide pandemic teamed with national and localised lockdown, it is vital to keep these going. Especially for those who live alone or maybe shielding or in quarantine, these seemingly small perks can make a huge difference to those who feel isolated during this time.

By utilising modern technology and free video calling software, businesses can provide much-needed socialisation, a break from any harsh realities staff may be facing and keep morale up within the (virtual) office.