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    Penelope Alice and the cyber escape game

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    The wonderfully busy PA about town Penelope Alice visited the PA Life Club members event in London last night.  Read about how her night was with in a super cool venue in Shoreditch and a cyber escape game run by Green Hat People.

    “For many of us, the thought of an escape room can seem exciting and possibly a little scary. However, the idea that all of the company files could be hacked and locked away from us, is enough to keep us awake at night. With last nights cyber escape game, that scary thought becomes a great team building opportunity.”

    Last night, I met up with around 20 other PAs at a lovely venue called Wimborne House for a cyber escape game. The venue is a spacious Shoreditch building owned by JJ Media that has corporate rooms and photography studios that are varied in size but could easily fit between 50 and 200 people, depending on the room.

    Empty Glasses at JJ Media

    Upon arrival, I was greeted with a glass of fizz and some delicious freshly made canapés. As we gathered in the building reception, I couldn’t help but find myself observing different parts of the room in-between my chats with the other PAs. It was a traditional room with a cool Shoreditch twist. Very quirky and exciting, yet in keeping with the grandeur and traditional look of the venue.

    Food at JJ Media

    Once everyone had arrived, we were escorted up to the third floor. We entered a spacious room which had space for a speaker/presentations. Desk areas for food and drinks and multiple choices in seating from the comfortable leather couch to high seating around smaller desks were there to choose from, which were perfect for nibbles and to rest drinks, as well as the team-building tasks we were about to embark on.

    The task set by the wonderfully innovative Green Hat People, involved us getting into teams and solving tasks that were pre-loaded on a tablet. The group tasks were fun to play and made everyone more comfortable around each other. With both physically and mentally engaging challenges for your team to complete in order to win the challenges. With the overall goal of these tasks to solve them and receive the clue, so that your imaginary company wouldn’t be locked out of their own system. It was exhilarating and yet simple. It seemed that if you worked alongside Green Hat People, you could easily set up these tasks. We later found out that you can customise these games towards your company. There is also the opportunity to play the games globally, with different teams in offices all over the world. It’s definitely something to look into if you are planning a global event for your business.


    After finishing the game and another glass of fizz, we were shown around the venue spaces. The rooms were all similar but different enough that they could cater to your individual needs. For example, some of the rooms had a proper mini-bar whereas others were more relaxed with comfortable seating. According to the team at JJ Media, the rooms can be made to suit your company style and needs.

    To finish the night, we were shown up to the rooftop for a final drink. It was breathtaking to be above most of the local London skyline on a warm and sunny summer evening. It was a lovely end to the evening.

    I will be looking to use both Green Hat People and JJ Media for a corporate event in the near future.

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