Ten Essential Tasks for a Graphic Design VA

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By Jennifer Hahn Masterson, Lead Content Strategist at Spread the Word Solutions

When working as a graphic design virtual assistance, there are different tasks that may be assigned to you without warning.

Some of them might not be so closely related to your qualifications. So, with this in mind here are ten essential tasks that you can expect to be doing as a graphic design virtual assistant.


Logos are the perfect way to promote a brand, and you are very likely to be handed a task to either create a logo from scratch, or reinvent an old one. Whichever it may be, you need to make sure you are ready, and capable, not to disappoint.

Everything that goes into making a logo is of importance. Not a single detail is too small. All the colours, the lines and design should be carefully selected to best represent the brand you are working for, their purpose, and message they want to convey. If this is your weak spot, work on it to get better, which will allow you to find better jobs in the future.

Image editing

Most graphic designers won’t go through the trouble of editing an image, or some of your clients may not know how to. It is your job to ease the use of various photos, touch them up in Photoshop, remove the watermarks, and make photos clean and optimized for their next use.

Business cards

For many, business cards can be perceived as a thing of the past. However, they still prove useful for networking. The innovative thing about business cards is that they have entered the digital world. You can now share your business cards electronically, via Bluetooth or incorporate it in your emails. So, a catchy layout, or a quirky font, can attract attention for future collaborations, and it is your job to make them the best you can.

Print design

This might be one of the trickiest tasks to be presented with as a graphic design virtual assistant, especially if you are a newbie. Making a visual for prints is not the same as making visuals for a website. You need to know the technical aspect, and have experience in what will look good on different types of products (such as mugs, t-shirts, magazines, windows…)

Website graphics

One of your main jobs as a graphic design virtual assistant will be to design websites. A successful website should be presented as a unified and purposeful visual strategy. To be able to maximize the website’s potential, you need to really know the matter, and be ready to dedicate your time and energy into creating a good website. According to an innovative master’s degree program in visual design and communication, ‘each sign is followed by a reaction’, and you need to learn how to cause a strong reaction in people visiting this website.

Social media graphics

To be truly prepared for this niche, you need to thoroughly understand how each and every social media platform works, so that you will know what to present successfully. Not every platform demands the same content. In addition, not every platform has the most user at all times, but you need to be cunning and calculate when is the best time to post something, so that it reaches the most people. Timing is everything, and it can make or break your design.


Another important task for you as a graphic design virtual assistant. Infographics are the best of marketing, information, and visuals all neatly packed into one. But there is a science that comes with it, and you need to give your best to master it, to be a successful VA.

This can help you be able to boost your client’s brand awareness, increase their traffic, and most importantly bolster sales.

Magazine ads

Similarly to business cards mentioned above, magazines are also thought as a part of the past. However, as most of them went digital, magazine ads are equally important as any other part of advertising. Because of the magazine’s richness in colour, a magazine ad can be either very potent, or very bland. As with any other graphic design, you need to recognize what is the most useful in a magazine ad, and what to avoid. The sooner you learn it, the better jobs you’ll have!


Another not-so-typical ad that went digital, a brochure can be a very concise way for you to expand your client’s message. Digital or not, brochures can have up to two pages, and contain the most crucial elements of your client’s brand. So, take your time to mention only the most important, but to still capture attention of prospective customers.


Somewhere in between business cards and brochures, lie flyers. They are perfect for when you need more than just your client’s logo and phone number, but less than a paragraph explaining what the brand is all about. They can be colourful, have differently styled text, and you can play with various visual elements to get your message across, without being overbearing.

Being a graphic designer virtual assistant sounds wonderful, but it is also packed with responsibilities toward your client. However, only experience can make you a better graphic design VA, so don’t get scared or quit if some of these tasks seem too much for you – once you master them – you’ll see how easy it was all along!

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