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    That time of the month

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    A new study has found that a significant number of working women are taking sick days because of PMS. A staggering 17 million is the total number of ?sick days? women in the UK are taking every year because of PMS. A new study by health brand Cleanmarine of 2,000 women aged over 18; found that period pain is having a major impact on working women and their wellbeing. 

    A third take four or more sick days a year because of extreme discomfort. Many women are anxious about calling in sick. Nearly half (46%) are worried to reveal the reason they need a day off, along with a quarter (24 per cent) thinking period symptoms simply will not be taken seriously by their employer.

    One in six women are affected by period pain so much that they cannot get out of bed – and one in seven said they could only manage about half their normal output at work.

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