The 10 commandments of the workplace

According to Workfront’s 2016 State of Work report, in general UK workers express a great deal of positivity and even love regarding their jobs, their co-workers and even their bosses. When asked, however, employees also expressed noteworthy levels of annoyance with disruptive co-workers and workspaces that make it difficult for them to complete their work.

These findings have led cloud-based enterprise work management Workfront to compile the ‘10 commandments of the workplace’ – a handy guide that if followed should lead to a happier, more productive workforce.

The 10 commandments of the workplace
1. Thou shalt always prepare an agenda before every meeting
2. Thou shalt never call a pre-meeting before a meeting
3. Thou shalt not hit ‘reply all’ on emails unless absolutely necessary
4. Honour the lunch hour and take it daily
5. Thou shalt not overshare
6. Thou shalt not covet thy colleague’s lunch
7. Thou shalt always offer to brew tea/make coffee for your colleagues
8. Thou shalt not bring smelly food into the workplace
9. Thou shalt not send emails instead of having a face-to-face conversation
10. Thou shalt not leave unwashed mugs and plates piled up in the sink

These are wise words to consider, especially if your colleagues display bad behaviour such as those uncovered in research released earlier this year.