Tips for hiring a celebrity speaker for your next event

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If you’re planning an event, hiring a professional speaker is a great idea. And where maximum impact is needed, a celebrity speaker can help to wow your guests and add kudos. However, while big names are undoubtedly impressive, booking the wrong speaker – however famous – can be a costly mistake. The trick is to find a speaker that works for you, according to the experts at Apex.

Want to sell more tickets?

  • Find someone relevant to your audience. A celebrity speaker will generate attention, but a controversial figure such as Piers Morgan isn’t ideal unless you know that your audience will love them!
  • Consider non-celebrities that are more relevant to your target audience and your event. With an eye on your bottom line, the right event management partner will provide you with guidance on the most appropriate speaker within your budget.
  • If you do secure a big name, exploit their star power. Use all means possible to promote their appearance.
  • Ask whether your speaker can reach out and tap into their own network to attract a new pool of potential attendees.
  • Ask your speaker to share your event info through social media to ensure your messages reach a much wider audience.

Want to appeal to a readymade audience?

  • Celebrity speakers can be used to entertain as well as to attract. For example, Apex recently worked to secure comedian David Walliams for a client’s employee roadshow.
  • You might not need a celebrity speaker to facilitate your event, but you do need someone who understands what you are trying to achieve and who will work with you to convey the right messages.
  • While you might be great at running your business, not everyone is a natural speaker or facilitator. By employing an expert to look after this for you, you can focus on the bigger picture.

At Apex, the team of experts can source a broad range of hosts and speakers for your corporate events. Shaping your agenda and positively influencing your audience, they’ll help you to deliver those all-important communications in a way that informs, impresses, entertains and motivates. Find out more about how we can help you, or give the team a call today on 01625 429370.

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