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    2018 is the year dreams come true

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    Brits have declared 2018 the year they follow their dreams, according to research by Huawei. The news comes as the tech giant revealed that around half of British workers felt as if they had failed in pursuing their dreams in 2017, with many going as far as to give up on their hobbies in order to focus on increased work pressure and family commitments.

    The average Brit wasted around £7,000 on chasing their dreams in the last year without anything to show for it, and with most of us spending about 40 minutes a day mulling over what could have been, more than three quarters of the British public has decided it’s time for a change. 77% admitted they believe 2018 is their year, and the renewed mental positivity could be key to pushing harder and further than we did in the past year.

    Among the top dreams for respondents was to start-up their own business, with around 40% hoping to become their own boss despite feeling as if they lack confidence. Almost one in five want to do something ‘extreme’ such as skydiving or bungee jumping, while 35% want to pursue a more creative career in an industry such as film or music.

    15% admitted they hate their job, while a staggering 77% claimed they’ll feel as if they’ve had a big win if they managed to improve their health and fitness levels. A third of people are looking into the possibility to own their own car as commuting becomes a bigger barrier through the new year.

    “Whilst it’s easy to understand how the daily grind and our busy lives take over, if you genuinely have a gift for writing songs or stories, drawing or playing an instrument, it should be encouraged,” Joanna Hollins, Head of Marketing at BIC commented following the news that workers are abandoning their talents for the sake of their company last year. “It would be great to see more than 28% of the population trying to pursue a career that cultivates their talent.”

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