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4 tips for writing an elevator pitch

Tips for writing an elevator pitch

An elevator pitch is a quick introduction that provides others with information about who you are, what you do and what you have to offer. Its name refers to the amount of time you have to make a good first impression during a lift ride from reception to the manager’s office. Getting it right is tough, but here are four tips to help you right yours.

1 Understand your passion
Spend a bit of time thinking about what you’re really passionate about. What are your skills and strengths? What experience do you have? What exactly can you bring to the table?

2 Make it short and sweet
An elevator pitch should take no longer than 15 or 20 seconds, so it’s important to get the vital details down to a concise few sentences. Don’t give away too much, though ­– you want to entice the listener to ask follow-up questions.

3 Think about your audience
Try to come up with multiple versions of your elevator pitch so you can tailor it to different audiences. A speech that works on a top-level executive might not have the same effect at a networking event.

4 Practice makes perfect
Write your pitch on paper, then say it out loud to make sure it’s not too confusing or hard to say. Then practise in front of friends and family before taking it for a spin in the real world.