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      79% of women are worried they aren’t keeping healthy

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      Four in five British women are facing an information overload when it comes to looking after their health, according to new studies. A report by skincare company E45 was commissioned as part of the launch of its new ‘Straight Up Skincare’ campaign, and the study revealed that through the constant onslaught of quick tips and health advice targeted at women, it’s becoming tougher than ever to work out the best way to stay healthy.

      81% of women admitted that they felt overwhelmed by the amount of contradictory advice on offer, leading to 79% believing they’re following the complete wrong information for them. 51% of women turned to their doctors first for health tips, but in the digital age social media and the internet were found to be just as viable for Brits wanting to keep fit. A quarter of women aren’t happy with their bodies and are willing to work to change their physical fitness and 88% are just looking for a straightforward answer.

      “The research shows that UK women feel bombarded with lots of conflicting and, at times, downright confusing pieces of advice and information every day,” said Kate Sweeney, Category Marketing Manager at E45. “We’re launching our ‘Straight Up Skincare’ campaign because we know that women are leading busy lives and just want straightforward advice and products, which is something that E45 stands for and at the core of what we offer customers.”

      With potential fitness fanatics being offered solutions from low carb, low fat or meat-free diets to anti-ageing creams and hydration advice, 39% of women confessed to not sticking to a single regime for too long, and switching between methods after not feeling any impact. Hoping the campaign can help reduce confusion and keep the nation fit, the team at E45 have teamed up with Olympian boxer Nicola Adams to encourage Britain to stay motivated.

      “In and out of the boxing ring, I always try to live life ‘straight up’ and without fuss, given how hectic life can be,” said Nicola Adams OBE. “It’s clear that a lot of UK women want to do the same, however they feel overloaded with information. I think that’s the reason that this campaign will resonate with so many people up and down the country.”

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