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    9 quick ways to de-stress at work

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    Stress is a given for the majority of employees. Even if you’re not the type to get stressed out often, there will inevitably be times when it all just gets a bit too much. But you don’t need to be a work-life balance guru to find relief. Here are nine quick tips to de-stress at work from Idealist Careers.

    1 Deep breathing – Inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly increases the amount of oxygen in your body, helping to calm your nerves and lower your blood pressure.

    2 Strike a pose – Researchers at Harvard University found study participants who assumed a power pose (i.e. open and relaxed) had higher levels of testosterone, which increases confidence.

    3 Look away – Staring at your computer screen all day is bad for your eyes and can cause headaches, but it can also stress you out. Take a moment to look at something far away, then blink several times before returning to your screen.

    4 Hold something warm or soft – A lot of your decisions are based on your senses, including your sense of touch. Try holding a warm mug of tea or cuddling a pillow to calm down.

    5 Drink milk – The old remedy of drinking warm milk to help you sleep is actually based on scientific facts. Milk contains tryptophan, a substance that increases your levels of serotonin, otherwise known as the happiness chemical. Even a splash in your coffee is enough to de-stress.

    6 Grin and bear it – Smiling is proven to relieve minor stressors, so if you’re worried about an upcoming meeting or presentation, just flash those pearly whites and you’ll feel better.

    7 Laugh – Laughter stimulates your organs, which increases your heart rate and triggers the production of endorphins to lift your mood.

    8 Listen to music – Put your headphones on and turn on your favourite tunes. Try something upbeat if you need to wake up.

    9 Stretch – It’s not always possible to get out of the office for a jog, but even a few simple stretches can relieve tension in your neck and back.

    Read the original article at bit.ly/28QjLo4

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