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    Afternoon delight? Nearly one in five Brits have sex on their lunch break

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    Nearly a fifth (18%) of Brits are having sex on their lunch break, with Monday being the most popular weekday for such, um, activities.

    The study also revealed that those working in media/marketing were the most likely to hook up at lunchtime, with 21% admitting to having sex between 11am and 2pm.

    Civil servants and accountants were the least likely, with only 3% choosing to do the deed at that time.

    The research, by Tic Watches, revealed that the evening was generally the most popular time of the week for sex, with Saturday between 11pm and 12am (29%) being the most likely time that Brits hook up.

    But it seems people are resting just before the weekend, with Thursday being the least popular day of the week for sex, with only 56% choosing to get busy on this day, compared to 80% on Saturday.

    Around the country, people from Bristol were the most likely to get lucky over lunch, with nearly a third (30%) admitting to hooking up at this time. Meanwhile, only 13% of Norwich residents are choosing sex over their packed lunch.

    Top 10 cities having sex over lunch (11am-2pm Mon-Fri):

    1. Bristol – 30%
    2. Glasgow – 26%
    3. London – 24%
    4. Birmingham – 21%
    5. Edinburgh – 20%
    6. Manchester – 17%
    7. Southampton – 16%
    8. Leeds – 15%
    9. Newcastle – 14%
    10. Norwich – 13%

    In terms of which generation is getting freaky over lunch, 18-24 year olds were the most likely, with one in six (16%) choosing to spice up their day at this time. Meanwhile, only 2% of those over 65 do the deed at midday, and instead prefer Friday at 11pm-12am (26%) as their favourite time of the working week.

    Asa Baav, sexpert and spokesperson for the matchmaking agency, Tailor Matched, said: “Sex has many benefits, and one of the main is that it’s a massive stress reliever. With the pressures of deadlines, meetings and growing to-do lists, it’s easy to see why we opt for a quick lovemaking session over lunch to release some tension.”

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