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    App of the Week: Asemblr

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    How much of your time is consumed with venue sourcing? How often do you find yourself waiting to hear back from a venue, or talking for long periods with people not giving you the answers you need? Asemblr is hoping to cut through all the red tape and give PAs exactly what they need in as little time as possible.

    With a strong emphasis on taking back control for PAs and event organisers, Asemblr is looking to become the new way of designing your event. As online bookings have led to a massive change in the events industry in the past few years, PA Life has partnered with Asemblr to give PAs more direct access to the app, but just how does it differ from other event sourcing platforms on the market?

    The web app focusses on value for money, and offers users an unbiased search. There aren’t any mark-ups or featured venues taking precedence over other venues; you simply type in the relevant information and the most relevant results appear.

    Registering for an account with the service means you can save your viewings for the future, customise and optimise what you need for your next event.  The service also lets you change your search criteria, letting you look for other event factors including team building opportunities, key speakers or incentives.

    The verdict
    Asemblr’s simplicity is its greatest factor. You can make the search criteria as complex or as simple as you’d like, and because the search button is connected to Google Maps it makes it more intuitive; instead of just having to search from specific locations or cities from a preset list, you can look for venues near any location, from your office to tube stations to the nearest Sainsbury’s. From there you can change options such as number of days to book for and when you need the space, which really helps to give an accurate representation of what spaces are available and when.

    For PAs and Event Organisers, this could be a game changer and it’s free, so if you want to try it for yourself click here or click the venues button at the top of the page.

    Let us know what you think of the app on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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