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App to date - phone apps on a iOS device

There are thousands of apps added to smartphone app stores every day. Sometimes it can be tricky to keep on top of which apps we need in our phones and which are just a waste of space? Vincenzo Ferrara, PA Life staff writer, has been searching through the app stores to create a comprehensive list of apps that no PA should be without.

1. Wunderlist: The perfect way to keep organised by syncing different calendars, notes and workloads. A simple planning app that can help with everything from daily tasks to specialist events. Content is shareable between groups or personal to one user if you’d rather. Available across different platforms from smartphones to desktop computers, access and edit your list on the go. An app designed to help everyone has become the number one weapon in a PAs organisational arsenal.

2. LinkedIn: It should come as no surprise that LinkedIn has made the list of our must-have apps. The professional social media app allows you to connect with a world of people in a professional manner. Sharing helpful tips, skills and recommendations. It can also provide you with the opportunity to further your career by applying for jobs directly off the app.

3. Amazon Prime: Not so long ago, part of being a PA meant showcasing your skills as a concierge. However, due to the popularity of Prime, sourcing, all the items you need for a meeting or event has become a lot easier. Managing to order any number of items with same day delivery has saved many assistants hours in wasted search time.

4. Uber for business: Uber is, without doubt, one of the biggest travel apps in the world. Allowing customers to get to where they want to be quickly and easily. Uber for business allows you to book, track and pay for multiple Uber rides at the same time and gives you a full report at the end of it. Learn more about Uber for business here.

5. Slack: A great team communication app that allows you to share thoughts, documents and other media files with others. You can have one-to-one conversations or create groups chats. Ideal for Assistants from different organisations to share information and contacts with each other, as well as being able to search key words within logged chats so that you never forget or lose anything that has been said.

6. Google Assistant: For many assistants, Google Assistant is seen as the competition. A.I. software could one day take over a lot of the jobs that currently require an assistant. All is not lost, if we begin to embrace this technology early and become experts before we become extinct. Learn more about Google Assistant here.

If you have any apps you use and would recommend to other assistants, please contact Vincenzo Ferrara: