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Are you one of these productivity types?

Each and every person you meet at work will have their own special way of working. This often translates to different approaches to achieving productivity goals, so it’s important for team leaders to recognise each member’s unique style. Carson Tate, founder of US-based productivity consultancy Working Simply describes four personalities that can be found in every office.

1 The prioritiser – These folks are usually logical and use critical thinking to find the most efficient way of completing tasks. They can be controlling and focused with a competitive drive. Prioritisers are great at analysing data, problem solving and critical analysis.

2 The planner – These are the organised and detail-oriented members of your team. They like to know all the details of a project rather than focusing on one aspect. Planners want to stick to a schedule and thrive on agendas and action plans.

3 The arranger – Meet the emotional thinker. They communicate well with others and are the best team players, preferring a personal touch over straight data. These are the people you want selling ideas and motivating others to get going.

4 The visualiser – These people are innovative and thrive under pressure. Their view of a project is even broader than planners and they focus on concepts rather than details and can push things off topic and get bored. Their strengths are problem solving, innovation and being able to recognise opportunities.

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