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      AT Cross showcases new pen with escape room-style challenges

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      To celebrate the launch of its new pen featuring a Bluetooth tracker device, AT Cross invited guests to an exclusive event in London yesterday.

      The pen has been designed to activate an alarm on a mobile device to help track the phone should the owner lose or misplace it.

      An audience of existing Cross resellers were invited to the Old Courthouse Hotel to take part in a customised interactive mobile escape room, delivered by GOTO Events, which showcased the pen’s abilities.

      Their first challenge was to use a phone and app to locate a hidden pen. Once found the pen was used to activate and track a hidden phone, but unbeknown to them, the phone triggered the next stage of the event.

      When the team activated the phone tracker a prison warden stormed the room. The story now unravelled that the actual pen was being used by underground criminals, connected to the Krays to stash and relocate dirty money, which lead to the group becoming suspects.

      They were arrested and put into prison suits, ankle chained and led into the cells. Their challenge then was to escape. Teams had 20 minutes to unravel a series of clues, find the keys to unshackle themselves, and escape the cells.

      The last part of the clue trail linked to an original blueprint of the venue. The map showed them a route out of the cells into a hidden room within the venue. Once teams escaped they had to locate a room, and enter a second escape room.

      Here they had one hour to use their clues and knowledge from escaping the cells to help them escape this final challenge.

      The Escape Rooms are fully mobile and can be held across the UK and Europe. Plus, they can be set up and run anywhere, from a company’s office to small function rooms.