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      Booking flights? Here are the UK’s worst airports for delays

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      If you’re responsible for booking corporate travel you’ll know how disruptive it can be (for you and the people you’re booking for) when flights are delayed or cancelled.

      Thankfully, there’s now a little more insight into the problem from the Press Association, which has analysed Civil Aviation Authority data from 2017 to rank the best and worst UK airports when it comes to punctuality for both scheduled and charter flights.

      Top of the list for the most delayed flights? Luton Airport, where planes took off on average 19.7 minutes late. But you knew that already, didn’t you?

      The next worst offenders were Gatwick (18.9 minutes late), Jersey (18.7) and Durham Tees Valley (18.6).

      10 Worst UK Airports for Punctuality, 2017 (Ave Mins Delayed)

      1. London Luton 19.7 mins

      2. London Gatwick 18.9 mins

      3. Jersey 18.7 mins

      4. Durham Tees Valley 18.6 mins

      5. Birmingham 18.2 mins

      6. Bristol 17.6 mins

      7. Belfast International 16.7 mins

      = Manchester 16.7 mins

      = London Stansted 16.7 mins

      10. Aberdeen 16.1 mins

      It’s not all bad news though – The top performers were London Heathrow (an average of 11 mins delayed). Belfast City (11.3) and Leeds Bradford (11.3).

      10 Best UK Airports for Punctuality, 2017 (Ave Mins Delayed)

      1. London Heathrow 11.0 mins

      2. Belfast City 11.3 mins

      = Leeds Bradford 11.3 mins

      4. London City 11.6 mins

      5. Exeter 11.9 mins

      6. Bournemouth 12.3 mins

      7. Newcastle 12.8 mins

      8. East Midlands International 13.3 mins

      9. London Southend 13.5 mins

      = Southampton 13.5 mins

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