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Boss the bash: Top tips for a last-minute summer office party

The sun’s out (sometimes), spirits are high, the Euros are on, and your boss just dropped a bombshell: an summer office party – next week! Don’t sweat it, PA Life reader. Here’s your survival guide to throwing a last-minute summer shindig that will have everyone soaking up the fun (without you breaking a sweat)….

Time is of the Essence: Prioritise ruthlessly!

  1. Venue: Think outside the office! Pub gardens, rooftop terraces, or even a local park with a marquee can offer a festive atmosphere. Check online listings and prioritise venues with flexible booking options and potential catering partnerships.
  2. Food Glorious Food: Don’t be a hero. Buffet catering from a reliable local supplier is your best friend. Opt for light, summery fare with finger foods and vegetarian options. Don’t forget refreshing drinks and consider offering a signature summer cocktail (think Pimms or sangria!).
  3. Setting the Scene: String lights, colourful tablecloths, and a summer playlist are instant mood-boosters. Ask colleagues to contribute potted plants or flowers for a touch of greenery.
  4. Fun in the Sun (or Shade): Giant Jenga, garden bowling, or a frisbee for the tossing-enthusiastic – a few simple games can spark friendly competition and laughter. For a relaxed vibe, set up comfy outdoor seating areas for chatting and catching up.

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Communication is Key: Spread the Word Efficiently!

  1. Digital is Your Ally: A quick email with an online RSVP link is your fastest way to get a headcount. Use social media platforms like the company Yammer or Slack to build excitement and share party updates.
  2. Casual Dress Code: Mention a relaxed “summer casual” dress code in your communication to avoid wardrobe panic. Think sundresses, shorts and shirts, or smart casual attire.

Delegate and Conquer: Enlist the Team Spirit!

  1. Spread the Cheer: Get a few colleagues on board to help with setup, decorations, and greeting guests. Teamwork makes the dream work (and frees up your time for last-minute heroics).
  2. Capture the Memories: Assign a photo-savvy colleague to capture candid moments of the party. These can be shared on social media later, fostering team spirit and a sense of community.

Most Importantly, Relax and Enjoy!

You’ve pulled off a last-minute miracle! Take a moment to bask in the success and enjoy the party alongside your colleagues. After all, a happy and engaged team is the ultimate reward.

Bonus Tip: Keep a few party favours (sunglasses, beach balls etc.) on hand for a fun giveaway. A little goes a long way in creating a memorable summer celebration!