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    Brits find 50 ways to slack off work

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    As we return to work after a glorious two-week break to enjoy the festive period, Brits are finding more and more ways to slack off work.

    Tactical toilet breaks, booking meeting rooms for a quick gossip and even taking compassionate leave for the death of a non-existent loved one has cropped up on the list of 50 ways workers are slacking off work.

    Researchers also found that having a mirror on the side of their computer to see when the boss is coming will be a favourite among employees this year.

    2,000 office workers who were interviewed also revealed that they would book out the board room for a power nap and create fictional meetings off-site to avoid their workloads.

    “Returning to work after the holiday season can come as a shock to the system – and no doubt some workers will be easing themselves back in slowly this week,” said Geoffrey Dennis, chief executive of international animal charity SPANA.

    “Many people in this country undoubtedly work very hard, but it’s clear from these findings that office workers are finding creative ways of putting their feet up for a break.”

    The study found that four in ten workers will slack off to get personal errands done, while 34 per cent said they were bored by their role.

    Sadly, one in ten workers have not disguised their skiving off and have been disciplined with a written reprimand, being shouted at or have received a performance improvement plan.

    Among the other 50 ways to avoid work include, online shopping, wearing headphones, taking cigarette breaks, pretending to photocopy, disabling sleep mode on a computer and watching TV.

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