Brits struggle to leave work in the office

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How often do you bring your work home with you? Either physically or emotionally, workers across the country struggle to leave their work at the door, but what can you do to improve your work-life balance?

How you spend your time is a key factor in obtaining that perfect balance. Prioritise your time throughout the day and only allow yourself a certain amount to complete each task. Leave your work in the office. So simple, but not everyone manages it. If you have to take your work home ensure you separate your day into leisure time and leave adequate time to complete the tasks your brought home from the office.

Do you suffer from lack of sleep? Feel your eyes droop in the afternoons? You might not be getting enough sleep. Margaret Thatcher famously stated that she ran the country on only 4 hours sleep. Whether you liked her or not that’s an outrageous claim. To ensure you are bright eyed and bushy tailed the next day get yourself off to bed at a regular time each night getting twice as many Z’s than Mrs Thatcher. After all everybody loves sleep, I certainly do.

Equally as important as going to sleep at a regular time each night, is getting up in the morning at a regular time. Start your day right and the rest will all fall into place, breakfast is an essential to kick start the day and if you leave enough time in the mornings for a quick bowl of porridge or cereal, or a bacon sandwich it’ll fuel you right through till lunchtime.  

For lunch take it out of the office and keep it light. Don’t fall for that cheap, quick, easy to make pot noodle. They’re full of sugars and fats which will only give you short sweet burst of energy and then leave high and dry later in the afternoon. Something light and healthy will keep you powering through the afternoon. The humble sandwich never tasted so good.

In short; prioritise your time effectively from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep. Wake up early enough for a good breakfast, give yourself adequate time for each task set, have a light and healthy lunch away from your desk. Sleep, Eat, Work, Rest and Repeat.

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