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Brits treat themselves 3 times a week to cope with stress

The stresses, strains and achievements of modern life leave the typical Brit feeling the need to treat themselves up to three times a week.

Feeling sad, finishing a big project at work and getting stuck in traffic are among the main reasons for Brits choosing a ‘pick-me-up’.

A detailed study into the reasoning behind a spontaneous treat such as enjoying some healthy cherries, or not so healthy chocolate, revealed one fifth do so because they ‘worked really hard’.

A further 12 per cent opt for a meal out or a glass of wine after a big spring clean, and another 18 per cent feel they deserve a little indulgence when the sun is shining.

Other reasons for a ‘treat’ include being able to stick to a budget for a length of time, following a diet for longer than a week and passing a test or exam.

It also emerged some justify a little expense after doing a good deed, when it is raining outside, or just when they are tired.

Matt Hancock, spokesman for Love Fresh Cherries, which commissioned the poll of 2,000 adults to celebrate the start of British cherry season, said: “Interestingly, the reasons for wanting a treat vary.

“Adults can feel in need of a pick-me-up if they’ve had a bad day at work, got stuck in traffic or feeling sad.

“But on the flipside, a treat can be something awarded when things go well too, like completing a big assignment at work or doing something kind for someone else.

“The good news is that cherries are a great healthy treat that won’t break the bank and so can be enjoyed every day.”

When it comes to the types of treats Brits favour most, ice cream, takeaways or a meal out are popular.

However, we don’t always reach for ‘naughty’ treats, as cherries, a healthy meal and a revitalising spa day are also considered ‘special’.

Posh coffee, a new book and a day off to do absolutely nothing at all also made the list.

Researchers found nearly three quarters of the nation feel treating themselves every now and again is ‘important’ to their overall wellbeing.

Most have a pick-me-up between two and three times a week although 15 per cent said five times a week or more.

A further one in 10 said they never allow themselves anything special, according to the OnePoll study.

It also emerged more than half of women would like to treat themselves more regularly, but 50 per cent feel bad at least some of the time when they do.

The majority of women prefer regular inexpensive things, with 73 per cent saying they would rather buy some cherries or chocolate as a treat, than a car or a holiday.

This compared to half of men who wouldn’t let money stop them from buying something expensive. One in 50 even said they’d purchase a new car.

Of all the adults polled, a quarter agreed that when they treated themselves with food they preferred healthy food such as peaches, cherries and apples and one in 10 looked for something healthy but still tasty.

Heart-warmingly, 58 per cent of adults said that they would treat their friends or family just because they’re great, or to show them how much they care.


1. When you’re on holiday
2. Birthdays
3. Feeling sad
4. Feeling unwell
5. Because I haven’t treated myself for ages
6. Working really hard lately
7. Completing a goal
8. When the suns out
9. Feeling tired
10. Working hard in the garden
11. Bank holidays
12. Because no one else will treat me
13. Passing a test or exam
14. Promotion or pay rise
15. Doing a big spring clean
16. Staying in at the weekend
17. Finishing a big project at work
18. Going for a long walk
19. Winning a prize
20. Sticking to a budget for a whole week/month
21. When it’s raining heavily
22. Trying something new out of your comfort zone
23. Doing a good dead
24. Sticking to a meal plan for a whole week/month
25. After a break up
26. When you’re snowed in
27. Feeling hungover
28. Helping a friend through a hard time
29. After some bad feedback at work
30. Going to the gym
31. A night without the kids
32. Moving house
33. New relationship
34. Resisting cake and biscuits at work
35. Getting stuck in traffic
36. Missing out on a promotion or pay rise
37. Being early for work
38. Letting someone have a space in a car park
39. Missing the bus or train
40. Being late for work


1. Cake or chocolate
2. A meal out
3. A take away
4. A glass of wine or a beer
5. Buying something I’ve wanted for ages
6. Ice cream
7. A holiday
8. Have a lie in
9. A new book
10. A new outfit
11. Buying a nice coffee
12. A trip to the pub
13. A day off to do absolutely nothing
14. A trip to the cinema
15. Getting my hair done
16. An extra hour in bed in the morning
17. Going for a long walk
18. New shoes
19. Some new make up
20. Something healthy but still tasty
21. A new gadget like a computer or phone
22. Buying lunch at work instead of a packed one
23. A night on the town
24. An early night
25. Some fresh cherries
26. A healthy meal
27. A spa day
28. Expensive cocktails
29. A new car
30. A trip to a theme park