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      Business travel makes the heart grow fonder

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      Business travel is making many appreciate who they’re leaving behind at home, according to new research. A study by luxury apartment service CitySuites has revealed that more than three in five people believe working away from home improved their relationships.

      40% of workers surveyed travel more than once every six months, with a majority admitting the space helped strengthen their relationships with loved ones. The apartment company believes the study can help shatter traditional opinion that suggests time away from family can damage long-term relationships, calling the stereotype “out-dated.”

      “It’s encouraging to see that working away from home might be helping to improve relationships and have some beneficial results to workers’ wellbeing and home life,” said CitySuites operations director, Gavin Bailey. “We’re committed to providing convenient and luxury accommodation solutions for business travellers and are focused on doing all we can to recreate that feeling of home whilst people are away from their usual comforts.”

      Around half of British workers admit to missing their families more than anything else while away on business, with 65% wishing they could have the opportunity for loved ones to join them on their time out of the office. The survey suggests the time apart works in employees’ favour however, as 71% confessed to feeling like their home lives improved after having some space.

      “What we’re seeing now is a much more accurate reflection of business travel,” continued Bailey, who believes business travel “is actually bringing loved ones closer together.”

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