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    Clear policies are the key to ending discrimination

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    A clear policy on equality and diversity in the workplace is the simplest solution to stopping discrimination. Outlining business expectations and defining what kind of behaviour is acceptable and what isn’t is the strongest way to help reinforce office mentality and create the best possible environment for your employees, according to a statement by eLearning specialists EssentialSkillz.

    With nearly one in five disabled people believing they’re treated unfairly at work, and 16% of black, Asian and minority ethnicities feeling victim to racial harassment by their managers, concerns are being raised that companies aren’t taking harassment and discrimination seriously enough. This comes following news that the gender gap is continuing to grow, prompting calls for companies to get to grips with the basics.

    “Greater diversity and equality brings new approaches, skills and innovation to the workplace and can enhance team spirit and employee engagement – not to mention boosting the reputation of the business,” said Julian Roberts, CEO of EssentialSkillz. “Both employers and employees have a joint responsibility in creating a culture of respect.”

    The eLearning providers are offering an online course on equality and diversity to explain the importance of the 2010 Equality Act, highlighting how important it is to treat all workers with the same amount of respect. Once the training has been provided an Equality & Diversity Policy can be easily distributed to all staff using the WorkWize policy roll out module to ensure they have both understood the training and accept the policy.

    “Enhancing awareness of the benefits of having a diverse workforce is fundamental,” continued Roberts. “Training all staff is a vital step in achieving equality and diversity across the entire business to create an inclusive and collaborative work environment.”

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