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    Co-working promotes better productivity in workplace

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    A new report from Staples Solutions has revealed that co-working spaces have led to better productivity and interactions between employees.

    Colleagues working in co-working spaces are more motivated in the workplace and have more positive interactions with others, claims a report.

    According to Staples Solutions, a new report dubbed Collaboration Generation: The Rise of Millennials in the Workplace details the trend in collaborative working.

    Since 2010, co-working spaces have increased by 5,519% worldwide, as the average office space per employee has decreased by 2.9%.

    Staples Solutions interviewed Professor Ulrich Weinberg from The School of Design Thinking, who revealed that variable workspaces should be the future of business culture.

    “At the School of Design Thinking, we designed ‘We Q’ spaces, which are actually not ‘IQ’ representing the intelligence of a single person in the ‘I’ model – it’s more the ‘we’ qualities and we focus on that,” said Weinberg.

    “Working environments need to be redesigned and we are encouraging companies to do that.”

    Employees who have made the transition from working in a traditional office to a co-working space have reported several benefits, with 86% reporting that they are more productive, while 59% find the space more organised.

    The report also stated that 42% have cited an increase in income due to co-working spaces.

    Weinberg added: “We are encouraging people to join forces, building bridges between different departments and building cross-functional, small teams which can operate faster than big departments. This offers new chances and lots of new opportunities.”

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