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    Colour can help create a productive home-working environment

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    By James Morton

    Colour can have a big impact on how we feel, and including the right colours in a home working environment can help you focus and boost creativity.

    How to use colour in your home office

    Blue – The use of blue in interior design has been found to create a sense of calm and nurture creativity.

    Green – Incorporating various shades of green can make your home working space feel more tranquil, whether that’s paint or more natural touches like plants.

    Yellow – Often associated with optimism, confidence and satisfaction. It’s also a stimulating colour so can be useful if you’re looking to be creative.

    Red – Red is a motivator and can really boost the energy of a space. It can make you more productive and can boost creativity when combined with shades of blue.

    White – When it comes to creating a light, bright working environment white is probably the most obvious choice. White can help you feel clear minded and calm, and is best when used as a background colour with brighter, bolder accents.

    Why not experiment with adding colour to your home environment and see how you feel? We all respond differently to colour, and the right combination could have a great impact on creativity and productivity.

    MBM Omega work with clients to create effective work spaces, whether at home or in the workplace. For more information please email or call 020 8899 1100 or to read further please click here.


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