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Do you suffer from ‘brain fade’?

Have you ever walked into a room and forgotten why you went in there, called a friend by the wrong name or lost your thought process midway through an email? You aren’t alone…

These are ‘brain fades’, and millions of Brits are suffering from them each year, according to new studies. Research by Rescue Plus revealed nine out of 10 Brits are regularly affected by brain fades, suffering much more when they’re tired or overworked. On average, it was found that the average adult suffers brain fades around six times a week – potentially once every working day.

More than a third of people admitted to accidentally typing a word they overheard while writing up an important document, while 87% have walked into a room and not known why they’re there. Others admitted to ‘turning on autopilot’ and heading towards work when leaving the house regardless of their day plans, and more than half of us will get publicly called out by friends and family for absent-mindedness.

“We’ve all been there,” said a spokesperson for Rescue Plus. “While many would simply joke that it comes with getting older, many find they are more likely to have a brain-fade moment when they are tired or have had a busy day.

“Being preoccupied with other things is always going to leave you struggling to remember everything, leaving you open to making silly little mistakes as your mind goes blank.”

What’s your biggest brain fade? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, and tell us if you’re guilty of pulling one of the nation’s top 10 brain fades:

  1. Walked into a room and completely forgotten why you went in there
  2. Forgot someone’s name
  3. Written or typed a word I have heard someone nearby say rather than the word I’m thinking of
  4. Forgot where I’ve parked the car
  5. Gone looking for your glasses which are on top of your head
  6. Put the milk back in the cupboard and the cereal in the fridge
  7. Looked for your phone when it’s in your hand
  8. Driven towards work automatically when you wanted to go in the other direction
  9. Gotten into the wrong side of the car – such as getting into the driver’s seat when you’re the passenger
  10. Sent a text or instant message to the person I’m talking about rather than the person I meant to send it to