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      Dog owners are happier, healthier and more productive

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      Owning a dog will make you happier, healthier and more satisfied in your workplace compared to people without dogs, according to a new study. Research by One Poll revealed that taking your dog for a walk can not only positively affect your health but also improve your social skills as you end up meeting with other dog walkers; a skill that, when brought to the office, helps you make more friends and enjoy your time in the office.

      80% of dog owners say they live ‘happy’ or ‘very happy lives’, 86% believe helps reduce stress in their lives, while more than a quarter believe it has had an improvement on their mental health. In the workplace, dog owners were around 20% happier with their career progression and satisfied with their day-to-day work life than those without pets. Companies are even investing and encouraging office dog schemes because of the proposed health benefits and demand among workers.

      As well as improving productivity and happiness within the office, dog owners often maintain a more active lifestyle when the working day ends. Spending more time outside and on their feet, dog owners are more likely to spend their free time walking, gardening and cycling, while those without dogs are more often found in front of the TV or behind a book. In fact, those without pets that demand frequent attention spend 14 more hours a month watching TV.

      “Dogs are amazing companions, offering their owners much more than just a wag of their tail in the morning,” said John Davies, co-founder of pet supplement manufacturer Lintbells, which commissioned the research. “They are often the first to greet anyone arriving home, they inspire us to spend more time outdoors and offer unconditional love to their owners.”

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