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    Drayton debuts Traffic Light Sets to enable socially distanced office returns

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    With restrictions finally lifted and plans for staff to return to work in mass over the next few weeks, corporate gift specialist Drayton’s traffic light sets may be useful in overcoming possible awkwardness between members of your team when dealing with their own personal preferences for social distancing.

    Not everyone will feel comfortable with the relaxation of all the rules at this stage. Many may wish to keep their distance. To avoid any upset or awkward conversations, why not issue everyone with a marker to indicate their individual preferences?

    In fact, Drayton have three of ways to achieve this:-

    • Products – wristbands, bags, face masks, t-shirts, lanyards, antibac pens etc.
    • Signage – banners, posters, desk cards, A-Boards etc.
    • PPE – hand sanitisers, gloves, hygiene keyrings etc.

    Green items symbolise that the wearer is not social distancing. They are open to hugs, high-fives and handshakes. You can purchase the items in a set or individually. Drayton can also print each item with your logo / design.

    Yellow items signify that the wearer is still cautious with interactions. They are okay with talking but not touching and they would rather use elbows not handshakes. Along with the choice of printing your design / logo onto each product, you may wish for Drayton to also print these with a brief explanation as to what the colours symbolise. This again helps to show people how the wearer feels, without them having to have any awkward conversations.

    Red items indicate that the wearer would rather adhere to social distancing. They would therefore like to refrain from personal contact and handshakes. Being able to show this quite clearly from the outset, helps avoid any uncomfortable situations and conversations making both the wearer and those around them feel more relaxed and at ease.

    Usage scenarios include:-

    • For those returning to the office. These can either be distributed before employees return to work as part of a Welcome Pack or can be collected on arrival to the office.
    • At events and exhibitions
    • For use in meetings and at conferences
    • At hotels and event venues

    For more information and to order, contact:-

    0118 40 22 777



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