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Five reasons to leave a horrible boss

Research reveals the factors that affect staff retention

Last week we gave you some tips for staying resilient with a bad boss. But sometimes a manager is so inept or rude that it becomes necessary to look for other work. Executive Coach Monique Caissie recently wrote a blog post for the Canadian Huffington Post explaining five good reasons to leave a horrible boss.

1 Your brain is affected
Having to endure repeated negative experiences causes them to become a part of your daily thought processes. The longer you stay in a bad situation, the more acclimatised you become and the harder it is to leave.

2 You’ll spend less money
For some people, stress triggers an extreme emotional response that causes unnecessary spending (think retail therapy). Plus, a good boss will invest in your growth and give you opportunities that might come with a pay rise.

3 Your relationships will improve
Happiness helps improve our connection with those around us. Having a bad time at work can put unnecessary strain on your relationship with the people who really matter, including our family and friends.

4 It’s better for your career
Staying too long in an abusive or negative relationship with your boss is damaging to your career. If you want to be seen as a leader, it’s important to stand up for yourself and recognise when it’s time to put an end to the problem. Others will look up to you as an example of a strong leader.

5 It’s healthy
There have been several studies into the effects of stress on health, with most reporting an increase in heart problems and high blood pressure, as well as a bad habit of eating unhealthy food. You’re also more likely to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks as a result of a bad boss, putting your mental wellbeing at risk. Unemployment – if it comes to it – is temporary and can be far less damaging to your personal health.

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