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    Fly in style with GlobeAir

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    A new way of travelling in Europe: The Air Taxi service

    Imagine no longer having to queue to go through airport security, but instead simply hopping into your own private jet and flying off to your desired destination according to your own agenda. Well, this option has just become more convenient with GlobeAir.

    Founded in Austria in 2007, GlobeAir takes pride in being the first mover in the Air Taxi sector in Europe. With a fleet of 16 Citation Mustang jets, GlobeAir offers the finest solution for the modern executive travellers by providing the possibility to plan trips otherwise impossible with commercial airlines, with incredible flexibility and premium quality service.

    The Cessna Citation Mustang is a compact jet that accommodates up to four passengers, and it can take off and land in some of the smallest airports, such as London City, St. Tropez, Cannes, St. Moritz, Sion and many more, connecting more than 1,500 airfields in Europe.

    Bernhard Fragner, CEO of GlobeAir, said: “Most of our passengers are prominent entrepreneurs and c-level executives, professional athletes, first class frequent commuters, and generally, people whose time and privacy are paramount. They normally come to us for the convenience and flexibility that a flight operated on demand can offer.”

    GlobeAir is the solution for those whom private jet flying is a necessity, not just a luxury, and it is focused on providing time-saving flight solutions aimed at increasing business productivity and efficiency.

    Every air taxi flight is operated to meet individual needs and fit perfectly into both business and leisure itineraries. Optional extras could include concierge services both before flights depart and on arrival, as well as gourmet catering on board, ground or helicopter transfers to city destinations. 
Book your jet online in seconds, one-way flight starts from £3,600 and last minute offers available from only GBP 500 for the entire jet.

    Take the finest and fastest way; fly anytime, anywhere in Europe with GlobeAir.

    +43 7221 727 400

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