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Friday fun: PA superhero to the rescue

Heroine Complex focuses on a PA turned superhero

A couple of weeks ago we brought you the news of Super Human Resources, a comic book about a HR temp in a superhero organisation. Well brace yourselves because it has also been announced that there’s another comic book coming out that focuses on a PA to a super heroine who finds herself taking her boss’s place.

Heroine Complex by Sarah Kuhn is the story of Evie Tanaka, who is the personal assistant to Aveda Jupiter, San Francisco’s beloved superhero. It just so happens the two are childhood friends, but Aveda’s taken a turn for diva-hood since becoming a masked crusader.

One night Evie is forced to impersonate her boss and discovers that she also has super powers. What follows is a tale of adventure that includes monstrous cupcakes and a demon invasion.

You can find out more about Sarah Kuhn and download an excerpt from Heroine Complex at Like what you see? You can pre-order a copy on Amazon now for the 5 July release date.

Take this as confirmation that yes, you can do your boss’s job!

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