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      Have you played Back to Work Bingo?

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      Yeah not bad, you?

      Walking back into the office on your first day back normally sees you facing the same problems, no matter if you’ve been on annual leave, been ill or had a public holiday. Coming back after the chaos of Christmas and New Year celebrations, along with most of your colleagues, only amplifies the teething problems of returning to your desk.

      Luckily, if you’re surrounded by others coming back to the office for the first time since they filled themselves with mince pies and turkey, the comics at Very British Problems have come up with a game to help you pass the time; the #BackToWork Bingo. Originally creating the bingo sheet last year, the post has gone viral again with many across twitter sharing the post to their followers.

      How many can you fill out? What would you add to your own bingo sheet? We’d probably add new year, new me to the sheet…

      Will you be playing the #BackToWork Bingo? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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