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      How to make the most of the new year

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      Take control of 2018

      New year, new me, that’s the phrase we hear every year, but what does it mean? Often, after the boxing day sales and holiday celebrations it means some new clothes and a New Year’s resolution of never drinking again, but with a little extra determination you can battle against the January Blues, take advantage of the slower month to put yourself ahead of the curve and make 2018 your own. Helping you harness the power of the new year, here are our top tips to get you excited to go back into the office.

      Go to bed
      When you’re feeling the pressure and the stress of the year looming ahead (or the year we’ve left behind), the biggest obstacle to boosting productivity is sleep. If you’re still sleeping like it’s 2017, you’re going to keep that mindset. Plan ahead, get an early night and see the difference to your attitude a few good nights’ sleep can do.

      Eat well
      The new year, new me attitude often starts with a diet, but a sudden drop in carbohydrates and a cut in calories doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting healthier. A quick change in diet is normally the fastest way to find yourself back at square one by the end of the month. A slower, steadier change to your daily diet is the secret to a longer lasting, healthier routine.

      Update your music
      If you find yourself listening to the same songs on your phone during your commute every day, or hearing the same songs on the radio, it could be time for a change. Try out a new radio station or check out different playlists to find something refreshing and new. Music can have a big effect on your working day, and music apps like Spotify and even websites like YouTube have custom made playlists that can help you feel more positive looking forward to your new working day, week, month and year.

      Update your CV
      Take a look at your CV and ask yourself when was the last time you wrote it from scratch. Your old CV might have been considered the future of recruitment when you wrote it, but does it stand the test of time? If you’ve been quietly changing your old template for the last few years, it could prove helpful to sit down and start from the ground-up. This time of year is crucial for job-hunters, so you need to pull out all the stops to get noticed.

      How are you going to change in 2018? What’s your new year’s resolution? Let us know on Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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