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      How interviewers scare recruits

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      New research by totaljobs has revealed how interviewers use scare tactics and intimidation to catch their candidates off-guard. The study aims to highlight the weak areas recruiters exploit to challenge potential employees.

      49% of interviewers said they have intentionally asked difficult questions while interviewing a candidate. Interestingly, 20% admitted they’d adopted negative body language and 17% said they’d acted disinterested on purpose to throw the candidate. Worryingly, 20% said they’d asked personal questions to test a candidate.

      Over a quarter 26% of employers believe creating a slightly uncomfortable environment for candidates at interview can be justified to see how candidates handle pressure. And the intimidating interviews tactics from employers seem to work as 35% of interviewees have felt intimidated by an interviewer, following either aggressive questioning (63%), acting disinterested (55%), negative body language (49%), swearing (47%) or a raised voice (46%).

      Despite this, 43% of candidates surveyed said they would remain confident regardless of who they were facing on the other side of the desk. Although, 22% say they might get flustered in such an intimidating scenario. A similar percentage (22%) might stumble over their words, while just 12% say they would avoid eye contact to avoid an uncomfortable interview interaction.

      “While intimidating bosses may make tough interviewers, candidates agree that their toughness would make them good people to work for,” said Matthew Harradine, totaljobs’ Director. “On the flipside, the people employees least want to work for are those who seem to go through staff quickly and experience a high team turnover.

      “It’s safe to say that a balanced and respectful environment is where employees feel they are most likely to strive.”


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