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    How many non-work-related tasks do you do in the office each day?

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    Employees do 10 non-work-related tasks in the office each day, including holiday shopping, web browsing and doing online banking.

    A study of 2,000 office workers found 37 per cent have checked the menu of a restaurant they were planning to visit – while half will regularly check the weather outside when they should be working.

    Employees also estimate they could finish their work in as little as six hours, yet are simultaneously too busy to spend time outside – spending less than 15 minutes outdoors a day.

    Workers think they spend 30 per cent of their day browsing social media, printing personal documents and buying concert tickets, among other personal chores.

    Seven in 10 have even researched or a booked a holiday in work time

    As a consequence, more than a quarter have received “a slap on the wrist” from bosses for taking care of too much personal business on work time.

    One in 10 admit to having missed an important work deadline as a result of prioritising non-work-related tasks – with a similar number even being FIRED.

    Daisy Whitfield-Davis, spokesperson for Yakult Light, which commissioned the research, said: “It’s difficult to focus on work all the time, and the results show workers like to think of themselves from time to time.

    “Getting outdoors is important, and by getting out in natural sunlight, office workers will get valuable vitamin D – but many aren’t getting as much as they need.

    “It’s only natural that those that spend most of their day indoors are dreaming of warmer and sunnier holidays – or thinking about the weather outside – both of which would help avoid vitamin D deficiency and keeps bones healthy.”

    Four in five workers agree it’s not possible to be 100 per cent focused on work all the time, and on average spend three hours a week sorting personal admin.

    A further four in 10 think they’d be in trouble were their employer to check their internet history.

    Despite the benefits of getting outdoors, 76 per cent of office workers have regular days where they don’t get out of the office for the entire working day.

    Sitting down all day is bad for your bone health according to 88 per cent of respondents – yet three quarters of office workers surveyed by OnePoll for Yakult Light said they spend almost all of their day sitting down.

    A further three quarters are aware that not going outside can contribute to the body not getting enough vitamin D – which is vital for healthy bones.

    And 40 per cent give no thought of their bone health at all.


    1. Checking the weather
    2. Browsing non-work-related websites
    3. Checking your bank balance
    4. Paying a bill
    5. Checking train times
    6. Using the photocopier/scanner for your own documents
    7. Checking a menu of a restaurant you were planning to visit
    8. Booking a doctor’s appointment
    9. Printing off concert tickets
    10. Browsing Facebook
    11. Instant messaging friends
    12. Booking a dental appointment
    13. Booking car in for MOT/service/repair
    14. Making restaurant bookings
    15. Comparing insurance prices
    16. Clothes shopping online
    17. Posting personal mail
    18. Googling a medical condition you have/suspect you have
    19. Organising a night out with friends
    20. Sorting out car insurance

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