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      How to get the most out of your team

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      Steve Norris, sales director and head of workplace at Nestlé Professional, shares some valuable tips on how employers can build stronger team relationships in the workplace

      80 per cent of employees say a strong bond with colleagues is fundamental to happiness at work. That’s not all, positive work relationships encourage staff retention with nearly two-thirds of workers saying they would stay in a job longer because of their great team. 

      “Sometimes a face-to-face meeting is so much more meaningful than a bland email sharing news” – Steve Norris

      As part of the Nestlé Professional ‘Make Work Work’ campaign, we looked at why teamwork is the key to business success. 

      Create communal areas: It’s harder to get to know your team if you’re all in separate offices. Encourage team spirit with breakout areas where people can get together from across the business.

      Encourage regular breaks: 80 per cent of staff also say that taking coffee breaks helps to strengthen relationships. Taking time out from the daily grind can foster better productivity and overall morale. 

      Don’t rely on tech: Six in ten employees would stay in a job longer if they felt valued. Sometimes a face-to-face meeting is so much more meaningful than a bland email sharing news

      Harness creativity: Half of workers say getting away from their desk helps them feel more creative. Think about having lunch with colleagues away from the office or taking a walk together.

      Coffee dates: Collaboration doesn’t happen organically; people need to know each other in order to get on. Consider introducing coffee dates and pairing people up from different areas of the business to get people talking.

      Away days: Think about away days to further encourage that sense of collaboration. Many businesses spend a day working on community or charity projects to help teams bond


      Steve Norris - nestle professional

      Steve Norris – nestle professional



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