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How to work with Millennials

The business landscape is changing to reflect the growing world around us, and introducing the Millennial to the workplace can be a nightmare for some businesses. The Millennials and ‘Generation Z’ are the first generations to grow up within a constantly-connected, multicultural world, and they’re bringing their new experiences to the working world.

Opinionated, informed and flexible, the younger generation aren’t as interested in the daily grind as more senior workers, and management needs to pick up the pace to embrace the new workforce, according to expert Paul Bridle. Speaking at The Meetings Show at a seminar called Leadership – the way we work in an agile and changing world, the leadership methodologist tackled Millennials and how to react to the way industries are changing, revealing his top tips on work with the Information Generation.

Be comfortable
When faced with different trends and new information, work to do what’s best for the team as a whole. Examining how some companies have changed their branding to embrace the new world, Bridle pointed out the changing opinions of tattoos and piercing. Showing how body art doesn’t mean you can’t look good in a suit, he encouraged companies to look at whether you’re doing enough to make your workers feel welcome.

“The essence of you as a leader shows when things aren’t running smoothly,” warned Paul Bridle. “Leaders have to be comfortable with change, it’s only going to speed up.”

Blame the parents
“Don’t blame the Millennials!” Bridle continued. “Yes, they do see the world in a different way, but it’s not their fault, it’s how they’ve been brought up.”

Learning from the older generations as well as the world around them, Millennials want to embrace work culture and become leaders just like their parents. Growing up in the age of information however means that 89% of Millennials need to be constantly learning and understanding their place in the workplace.

Don’t baby them
Value your workforce, let them know how they fit in the office, but don’t mollycoddle Millennials, focus on yourself. Understand your goals, your culture, your audience and demographics. Make sure you create an environment where people want to be motivated, rather than expecting to be motivated by you.

“A leader’s job is to provide the ideal place for highly motivated people to come and do amazing things,” said Bridle, who explained how using perks like flexible working hours and working from home can massively boost morale, motivation and income. “Don’t ever believe it’s your job to motivate your people. Your job is to come to work motivated.”

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