• Hundreds of thousands left stranded in Monarch meltdown

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    110,000 UK residents overseas are being brought back to Britain in the largest ever peacetime recovery of Britons in history. The news comes as a shock to hundreds of thousands who have been affected by the sudden collapse, especially following Monarch’s recent hospitality revamp.

    Texting British holidaygoers and business travellers this morning at around 4am, the Luton-based airline issued three tweets telling Monarch passengers they will be brought home and that UK customers shouldn’t head to the airport as there are no planes waiting for them.

    Speculation online has blamed the effects Brexit and the General Election have had on the strength of the pound for the crisis, as well as Global terrorist attacks leading to a drop in people visiting less stable countries. The government is making the repatriation of stranded Brits its top priority as the morning panic sets in for marooned Monarch customers.

    “This is an unprecedented response to an unprecedented situation,” said Chris Grayling, Transport Secretary. “Together with the CAA, we will work around the clock to ensure Monarch passengers get the support they need.”

    “Nobody should underestimate the size of the challenge, so I ask passengers to be patient and act on the advice given by the CAA.”

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